Social emotional development

St. John’s recognizes that social development is an important aspect of childhood. We aim to foster positive social interactions among our students and to promote a sense of belonging for everyone.

To do this, students…

  • Experience a Christian community that cares for them.
  • Spend time with Chapel families.
  • Participate in DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education).
  • Can attend school social events sponsored by the PTO.
  • Travel together to historic sites and participate in Outdoor Education.
  • Interact with their classmates in a variety of classroom activities.

Christian community: St. John’s religious and general education programs stress the importance of our words in acting out our faith, using the acronym THINK (True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary and Kind). As students grow in responsibility and faith, they have the opportunity to show love and kindness in their words and actions to each other. Student conflicts are taken seriously, yet in the Christian context of love and grace. We aim to create a safe, loving environment for all and to foster healthy friendships among our students.

Chapel families: Chapel families give all students in the school “a family” away from home that looks out for them. These families sit together during chapel worship time, eat lunch together once a month, and participate in other activities together. This family includes students from each grade and creates a sense of unity and belonging and allows students to get to know each others’ similarities and differences.

DARE: All fifth grade students participate in the La Grange Police Department’s Drug Abuse Resistance Education program to promote a healthy lifestyle and positive life choices. This additional education validates what students learn at school and at home and promotes a healthy, nurturing atmosphere.

Social events: The PTO and school sponsor a variety of activities such as the annual Sock Hop, 7th and 8th grade dance, movie night, Restaurant nights, Book Fair, and more. These activities bring new students and returning students together, allowing parents to meet and socialize as well.

Student travel: Seventh and eighth grade students travel to Springfield, Illinois or Washington D.C. with their teachers and parent chaperones. Sixth grade students participate in outdoor education together. These opportunities are supervised but are also designed to promote trust, caring and unity among students. They are also among recent graduates’ favorite memories of St. John’s.