Rebecca, parent of two St. John’s alums, High School Teacher

“As a parent, I love St. John’s because my kids are getting a Christian education. They also get smaller class sizes and individualized attention, daily PE classes, active participation in as many sports as they want, and opportunities in performing arts. As a teacher, I have taught St. John’s graduates at Hinsdale Central High School, and they are academically and morally prepared to face adolescence. As a graduate, I know what a difference this school has made in my life. I learned to incorporate my faith into my life, rather than compartmentalizing it; I learned to work hard and persevere; and I learned grace. These are the lessons that shaped me, and I am glad I get to participate in this community as an adult.”

Natercia, parent of one St. John’s alum, one current student & former home schooler

“After homeschooling for several years, I was very particular about the school where I would enroll my children. After shadowing and interviewing teachers and the Principal, I was impressed with not only the faith of the teachers but how they lived out their faith in the classroom. I was also inspired by the smaller school setting and the concentrated attention the teachers paid to the children and how concerned they were for their growth both academically, socially and spiritually. Lastly, I was so thankful for how quickly they responded to my emails and were willing to work with me. We are on our second year at St. John’s Lutheran School and planning on continuing.”

John, parent of Two St. John’s Lutheran alums

“The staff at the school were really supportive in developing strong leaders. Both my boy and girl attended St. John’s from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade and benefited from their relationships made with students and teachers. My kids were very confident when entering Lyons Township High School, because they had advanced courses from St. John’s Lutheran. The staff added the right amount of drive and encouragement for both kids to jump into high school on the Honor Roll. Their exposure to music and athletics made them very happy to participate in groups, clubs and sports at the much larger high school. Our two Eagles love to visit teachers and still maintain friendships with their Eagle classmates. Because we chose a Lutheran education, scholarship opportunities in both academic and core curriculum scholarships are being made available. We couldn’t be happier with the preparation St. John’s awesome staff provided to both my son and daughter. Their hard work is paying off.”

Donna, St. John’s alum and parent of one St. John’s alum

“We are touched that we were able to keep up the family tradition and have our daughter attend St John’s from Kindergarten through 8th Grade. We wanted her to have the same solid Christian education we both did, which will help her face the challenges in the future.”

Pamella, class of 1960, mother of three St. John’s alums

“One of the biggest blessings in my life has been three generations of our family attending St. John’s Lutheran School. When we learn as children to read and memorize God’s Word, it gives a lasting foundation to our faith which continues to shape our lives as we grow older.Our knowledge of science, math and social studies may fade as we age, but God’s Word will never pass away (Matthew 24:35).”

Amy, parent of one St. John’s alum

“I like the Christian background and atmosphere of St. John’s. I like that it is smaller. All the teachers are so dedicated. They volunteer for everything, and they are there for whatever and whoever needs help.”

Katrina, parent of two St. John’s alums and Art Teacher

“There is no doubt that my children Meet Jesus daily through the students and staff at St. Johns. They are learning and growing at the foot of the cross and there is no other place I would want them!”

Kelly, parent of two St. John’s alums and one current student

“I like the caring teachers and Christian values that are instilled. Bullying is limited at St. John’s. I like the small size of the school, the caring atmosphere, and that all the classes develop a special closeness to each other.”