Fine Arts

St. John’s La Grange stresses the importance of creative expression and the arts as long-term sources of personal enjoyment and fulfilment. Our students spends many months preparing for performances: the Lutheran Schools Fine Arts Festival (for grades 5-8), an annual Musical Presentation (for grades 1-4), Christmas Worship Services, a family summer musical, and regular performances throughout the year.

Our students also have weekly art classes starting in (1st grade, Kindergarten). Art projects correspond with investigations of famous artists, opportunities to experiment with different medium, or based on student interest.

Fine Arts Festival: Students in grades 5-8 perform in small choral groups, as soloists, as instrumentalists, and as artists in this festival for all Chicago-land area Lutheran schools. Our students receive coaching from our music and art staff as they prepare to perform in front of an audience. They grow tremendously from fifth through eighth grade and go on to find success in their high school performing art programs.

Annual musical production: Students in grades 1-4 present a Christian musical for grandparents and special guests in the middle of March followed by a Sunday presentation for the entire congregation. Our students work with the lower grade music teacher and the classroom teacher for months to successfully present this production.

Christmas productions: The Junior Choir, Echoes of Praise, and Handbell Choirs perform in a congregation-wide Sunday night Christmas Concert. In addition, the entire school performs a Christmas Worship Service that incorporates public speaking, acting and musical selections.

Art classes: All students receive regular art education, and fourth, sixth, seventh and eighth grade students have a specialized art instructor.

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