Bulletin Board

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Thurs, June 8     GRADUATION DAY

No Daytime Classes

Required Attendance 1st-8th Grades

6:00p Jubilee Bells Arrives

6:20p 8th Graders robed and in gym

6:30p Echoes of Praise arrives

6:45p Junior Choir robed and in music room

6:45p Primary Choir arrives and sits with parents



Fri, June 9      Teacher Workshops


Sat, June 10 No activities planned


Sun, June 11

8:00a    Worship

9:30a Sunday School

10:45a Worship



 June 12—June 22                           9:00a—12:00p

June 14 & June 19                    School Office Closed

June 26-June 29                            10:00a-12:30p

July 1– Aug 2                            School Office Closed

Aug 3—Aug 22                               9:00a—12:00p

Aug 7                                                2:00p—6:00p

August 23                                  School Office Closed

                  School Closed Fridays